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Members of this Association share many of the same visions of intercollegiate athletics, build programs on like principles, and embrace similar philosophies. At the same time, this Association recognizes and values the diversity generated by athletics programs which represent institutions of varying educational missions and resources.

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NADIIIAA/Josten’s Community Service Award


Once again, the National Association of Division III Athletics Administrators (NADIIIAA) and Jostens are co-sponsoring a “community service recognition program” to bring recognition to the many contributions Division III student-athletes regularly make to their campuses and local communities.

The program will recognize institutions in three separate community service categories. In addition to the recognition associated with winning the award, the NADIIIAA and Jostens will make a $1,000 contribution to the general scholarship fund of the institutions. The awards will be presented as part of the NADIIIAA reception conducted at the annual NCAA Convention.

The process for submitting a nomination is as follows:
Four (4) sets of nomination materials must be postmarked by the deadline date of November 13, 2009 and sent to: Gary Karner, WIAC Commissioner, 780 Regent Street, Madison, WI 53715. Facsimilies are not acceptable.
• Only those nominations submitted on the NADIIIAA/Jostens “Community Service Award” nomination form will be considered.
• The nomination form must be accompanied by a description (not to exceed three typed pages) of the project(s), as well as any pertinent publicity (e.g., newspaper articles).
• The nomination form must include the signature of the institution’s chief executive officer and athletics director.

The following guidelines are to be applied for submitting a nomination:
• Nominations will be considered in the following three award categories: (1) a one-time community service project, (2) an array of community service projects, or (3) an on-going community service project conducted during the previous academic year (i.e., 2008-09).
• The projects/activities can be performed by a single team, a combination of teams, a student-athlete advisory committee, or all the student-athletes at any given institution.

The nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of active NADIIIAA members. The committee will consider a number of factors including,but not limited to, the following:
• The objective(s) of the community service project(s).
• The campus or community need(s) that were addressed by the project(s).
• The target audience(s).
• The number of student-athletes actively involved in the project(s).
• The duration of the project(s).
• The impact the project(s) had on the target audience.
• The method in which the impact of the project(s) was evaluated.


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