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UAA News and Notes

Helpful Hints About the Web Site Format

News and Notes — The main front page of the web site and the front page for each sport will contain a brief synopsis of recent headline stories and announcements, often with a link to more complete information. These items are archived under the News Releases on the main page and the News and Notes Archive on individual sport pages.

Navigation — Active links are generally displayed in a Bold Blue typeface. Clicking on a Pennant in the main header will take you to the Athletics Web Site of the respective institution. On individual sport pages the pennants are replaced by Mascots/Logos and clicking on those images will take you to the respective Sport Web Page at that institution. The Member Institution Names at the top left of the main page are linked to the Main Home Page of the respective member institution.

Standings and Scoreboard Links — Standings, Scores of Contests, Composite Schedules, and Association Schedules for all round robin sports are available through links to a common database shared by a number of conferences at Presto Sports D3 Scoreboard. The Standings and Scoreboard links on the main page provide a quick, scrollable summary of standings and contest scores for all sports. On individual sport pages, these links provide greater detail and allow you to view schedules and results for individual institutions as well as across the Association.

Downloadable Documents — Much of the information available on the new web site is provided in the form of printable PDF documents. Some of these documents are rather long and may take additional time to download and display. Wherever possible we have formatted these documents to display with a Bookmarked table of contents to aid in navigating through long documents. This feature, however, may not be available to those using older browsers or older versions of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF display software.